My work is inspired by studies of globalisation although primarily based on political science. I am particularly interested in analyses of global flows in poor communities in Africa. My work seeks to unfold strategies of the poor in interacting with development discourse in the past and present. To describe the often peculiar relationship between the poor and development projects, key actors of international development such as non-governmental organisations and donor community, and the state are my key institutional focus. The poor have complicated relationship with these institutions. In some cases, the response to their schemes has been characterised by various forms of activism or acquiescence. Where activism is absent, the poor, although ostensibly susceptible to global flows have utilised both state and non-state technologies to create a meaning for themselves in global world order. In this aspect, I investigate the interaction of the poor with mobile phone technology in Kenya. My research is also involved in analysing a reformulation of strands of traditional communities within state/non-state led programs.